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Winter 2021 Immune Helpers

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

It's cold. Less sunshine. Not a lot of movement. It's the season of the year that we have to focus on our health, small changes consistently can make a big difference in how you feel during this time.

The first thing I want you to start doing is to start drinking half your body weight in oz of water a day. Why? Water does so much more for us than just quenching our thirst. It has a huge impact with our digestion, focus, metabolism, joint mobility, sleep, mood and prevention of so many things we deal with as we age. If you want your labs to look better and your doctor to be like, "girl what are you doing?!" (In a good way) Drink more water! Plus your skin will clear up and glow as well. It's a huge helper in our immune function. Get a non clear water bottle or a bottle with a straw, both help trick your brain so you drink more water.

If you get sick, colloidal silver and black seed oil are my go to's and work so well together. Before you do anything, put a drop of black seed oil in a glass of water, mix in and chug. I like to have an orange slice as a "chaser" it's potent but works amazingly. #Worthit I use the silver in the morning, take one dropper in your mouth, hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds and then chase with water. Do the black seed oil one-two times a day when sick and silver 1-2 a day.

Get my favorite colloidal silver here

Get the black seed oil I use here

Cut Dairy.

Dairy messes with people a ton in the area of digestion but it also can wreak havoc on your sinuses when sick. It increases your mucous production when you drink or eat dairy, if you're sick stay away from it for a little bit. It'll help your immune system and body not spend a lot of energy on fighting that vs what is really important, the thing making you sick.


Regular movement 3-4 times a week for 15 minutes or more has been proven to help your immune system, sleep, energy, digestion, metabolism, blood sugar and digestion. This should be your regular schedule, try this for 2-3 months and then re evaluate, it'll help you so much.

Eat the rainbow.

Keep fruits and veggies in your life regularly. I like to cut mine up, put them in mason jars so I can see them and not put them in the drawer that will never be opened, right? Right. What is easy and accessible is what you'll grab when it gets busy. Make it easy on yourself, I prep 2 days a week and use mason jars to make it stay fresh.

Protein Up

Huge for healing! Your body's #1 go to for fuel to heal. If you're a vegetarian or vegan, a protein shake that's fully methylated may be a great option to make sure you're getting it all in, I know it helps me! A good way to know what you're nutrition day to day looks like is to do a food journal for a bit without judgement. It's not about perfection, it's about consistency with the right tools.


No one gets an award at the end of life for being the busiest and most sleep deprived. You can't be your true self and biggest self if you're unfocused, tired and foggy brained. Ask Arianna Huffington what happened when she went too hard without letting her body heal, it's very interesting.. read it here Sleep will improve digestion, focus, energy, metabolism and so much more. Get at least 8 every night, make it a priority. I'll be talking about my favorite sleep hacks later this week, if you're looking for help keep your eyes open for it!

My philosophy for preparing for winter in regards to your immune system is to get your body ready. Stay consistent, adopt some of these habits above and know that it doesn't matter what you do sometimes or that one time... it's about consistency! If you liked this blog post, share it with a friend... and be sure to say hi on Tiktok here or on Instagram here

Have a beautiful day, you deserve it.

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